Create the fulfillment you are craving...

As your Life Coach I will provide guidance and encouragement to men and women who desire to grow and thrive from affliction, trauma, and grief.

Are you ready to live the life you were created for?

      The six steps I have outlined moved me from depending on things of this world to total dependence on the One who created me. This led me to hope, and a desire to grow closer to Jesus.  

 Come as you are, with all of your struggles, and addictions, and lay them at the feet of Jesus.       


Your time is now. It starts here. Are you ready?

Here is how I help my clients begin to grow and create the life they REALLY want to be living ...

Transformation takes place when we completely surrender to God. The decision to do this does not happen until we reach the end of ourself. To empty out all of us and invite Him to fill us with all of Him is a process. The love God has for us moves through us and allows change to happen. This is where our journey starts together. Are you ready? Are you ready to turn around and go in the direction of your heart?

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Be brave 

 Become willing to step out in faith, regardless of consequences or limitations. Turn from that voice that is familiar and continues to lead you in the wrong direction. To step out of your comfort zone and do the next right thing. 

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Let me love you

We build up walls. What about the walls that are so high we do not even know they are there?   We blame others, shut them out, even turning from those we love. We get trapped in our addictions and the pattern continues.

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Christ the Redeemer
Never tire again

Are you faced with a situation that has caused you to feel defeated?  Not only does God direct our steps, but he also provides the power to carry out His will for our life. Walk out of darkness and into light by putting God first allowing him to direct your steps.

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Be Present

To learn to be in the present moment, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet. In the present  is where growth takes place and we become all we were created to be. This is where grace, finds us and inspires us  to be our best selves. This  is where we find our purpose. 

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Be who you were
created to be 

You are unique. There will never be another like you. You were created to live in this moment. You have something to offer this world that nobody else can. You are the most important part of your own journey. Live your life on purpose.

Are you ready to start your healing journey???